Listen carefully, think different, dig deep

We speak to people who would rather experience than just visit, who long for understanding that goes  beyond merely seeing.

Our Mission

Unexpected journeys are possible when we respect the future, leave the comfort zone behind, and take that extra step toward something surprising, inclusive, thrilling. The value of our reality lies in the love for our surroundings, respect for the people we work with and work for, and the reliability of our structure.

Our Vision

We are out to inspire people who love to travel just as much as we do. Our amazing packages combine social and environmental sustainability. We are setting new standards for people who believe in a future based on feasible growth in the tourism sector.


Behave ethically and fairly
Keep the enthusiasm alive
Listen, Empathize, Share
Be part of the solution
Get out of your comfort zone
Do what you say you do

Our path


Our first tour

We designed our very first tour to Japan in 1994, for a group of Italian architects and engineers. From then on we specialized in bespoke itineraries all over the world for demanding Italian travelers, who require personalized top-notch itineraries, far from standardized tourism.


Reliable resource

Twenty years later, in 2014, we began offering in-depth, authentic journeys throughout Italy for the foreign market. We have quickly become a reliable resource to discover the unexpected and unforeseeable Italy that travelers dream of, in addition to the exceptional and widely celebrated heritage.


The Quality Family

In 2017 we became part of the Quality Group, an association of 9 tour companies who operate in the Italian market by means of network of over 5,000 travel agencies.


A new journey

In 2023, with the growth of our team, we decided to move to larger offices, designed with a view to our people’s wellbeing. We have also renovated our logo and our brand identity, so that it better embodies the changes and growth we are experiencing. At the same time, our strong commitment towards sustainable policies has led our company to start the process to become a B-Corporation. Last but not least, with the creation of new divisions - such as the Product department and the Incentive and MICE division - Italyscape looks towards a thriving future.

Steps toward a certified Benefit Corporation

Over the last few years, Italyscape has experienced many transformations and constant growth, which has allowed to significantly increase its workforce and to achieve ever-growing relevant results. We are aware that these results have been possible thanks to the society and the environment in which we operate.

These aspects represent for us a great value to respect and preserve. For this reason, starting from 2021, we are going to undertake a transformation process aimed at becoming a Benefit Corporation.

We are also implementing Italyscape with a B-Corp Certification, to certify our commitment and best practices.

Why a B-Corp certification?

B-Corp is a voluntary official certification issued by B-Lab, the nonprofit network which aims at transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.