Major attractions

Authentically Italian events taking place in the Bel Paese in the next months

Venice Carnival, Veneto, Italy
For those guests looking to experience the grandeur of regional Italian gatherings, below are a few of the most notable. It is not surprising, given the timing, that many are related to the Christian observance of Lent.

Christmas Markets, Trentino - November 18th to January 7th
Experience Trentino's Christmas Markets with magical lights, scents, and carols. Trento and Bolzano boast illuminated stalls and artisanal decor. Arco, amidst stunning landscapes, features unique nativity scenes. Festive cheer permeates historic city centers and mountain village lanes, adorning squares with charm.

Umbria Jazz Winter, Orvieto (Umbria) - December 28th to January 1st
Now in its 30th year, this annual festival transforms the fascinating Umbrian city into a stage for international jazz. Each December, the event brings together world-famous enthusiasts and artists to perform in evocative places such as the Orvieto Cathedral and the Mancinelli Theatre.

New Year’s Day Parade, Rome - January 1st
Tens of thousands of people gather in St. Peter's Square to receive the blessing of the Holy Pope. The Parade, along Via della Conciliazione, reflects cultural diversity and international goodwill, with bands from all over the world to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Christmas Stolls, Vipiteno, Province of Bolzano, Sud Tyrol, Italy

Regatta of Befana, Venice - January 6th
A picturesque event held every year on the occasion of the Christian holiday of the Epiphany (signaling the end of the Christmas holiday). Decorated boats and costumed rowers compete along the Grand Canal, creating a festive spectacle of folklore and competition.

Venice Carnival 2024, Venice and Viareggio – February 3rd to 23rd 
Every year, Carnival transforms Italy into a kaleidoscope of vibrant festivities, with Venice Carnival standing as a beacon of global renown. The literal translation is “remove meat” so it occurs just before the beginning of Lent.  Narrow waterways and ancient squares become the stage for a scenic parade of masks, sumptuous costumes and traditional dances.

Battle of the Oranges 2024, Ivrea (Piedmont) – February 11th to 13th
In the picturesque city of Ivrea, located in Piedmont, the oldest historical Carnival in Italy is celebrated. This unique event involves participants divided into organized teams who reenact a medieval struggle by engaging in a spirited orange-throwing battle along the streets of the historic center.

Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea's Carnival, Province of Turin, Italy

La Sartiglia, Sardinian Carnival with Horse races, Oristano (Sardinia) - February 11th to 15th A captivating horse race dating back to 1546 unfolds annually on the last Sunday of Lent and Shrove Tuesday in Oristano. Rooted in the Spanish domination period, this spectacle sees over a hundred riders racing at full gallop to pierce a star-shaped token with their swords.

Almond Blossom Festival, Agrigento (Sicily) - March 9th to 17th 
This colorful Sicilian festival celebrates the beauty of flowering almond trees. The enchanting backdrop of pink and white petals creates a picturesque festival, with parades, folk performances and nature-inspired works of art, where visitors can enjoy local almond-based delicacies in a festive atmosphere.

Easter in Florence: Explosion of the Cart, Florence - March 31st
Every Easter, Florence commemorates this religious occasion with the "Explosion of the Cart", a tradition dating back over 350 years. A grandiose wagon that was constructed in 1622 is ceremoniously drawn by adorned oxen through the streets of Florence to the square between the Baptistry and the main Cathedral where a spectacular fireworks display ensures a good harvest for the year to come.