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Exploring Italy's Epicurean delights: Truffle tales, Venetian dining, and railway wine tours

Edipo Re, Venice, Italy

Truffle Tales: Unveiling Italy's culinary treasures

Truffles are divided into two main varieties, each with its distinctive characteristics. White truffle, known for its rarity and intense aroma, is often considered the "diamond of the kitchen". It can be found only in the hills of Piedmont and the harvest season generally takes place between October and November. Specially arranged truffle hunts, a professional hunter and their trusted dogs, are a fun way to experience this unique product of the region.

On the other hand, black truffle, with its bold and deep flavor, is characteristic of Tuscany and Umbria. Its collection, typically between January and March, often involves the use of pigs, who are equipped with extraordinary scenting abilities. These places, amid hills and woods, offer authentic experiences for truffle enthusiasts, allowing them to partake in the search for this precious fungus.

The distinction in the tastes of the two types of truffle is reflected in their gastronomic pairings: white truffle, with its intense and aromatic flavor, beautifully complements delicate dishes like eggs or simple fresh pasta, while the more assertive black truffle enhances the flavors of robust dishes such as risottos or meats.

In addition to truffle hunts, these regions host renowned fairs. The White Truffle Fair in Alba, Piedmont; San Miniato in Tuscany celebrates the National Exhibition of White Truffle, while Norcia and Gubbio in Umbria respectively offer the Fine Black Truffle Fair and the National Truffle Fair. 

Exploring truffles offers a unique journey through tradition, territory, and refined flavors, providing unforgettable sensory experiences and a true feast for the palate.

© Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba

MUDET: Truffle Museum of Alba

Recently opened, the Truffle Museum of Alba pays homage to the culture and history of this gastronomic treasure. Situated in the heart of the Langhe region, the museum provides an engaging journey through the tradition of harvesting through interactive exhibitions and educational displays. Visitors can uncover the secrets behind the growth of this delicacy, its impact on gastronomy, and its significance in the local culture.

Fine Dining experience in Venice aboard the motorsailer Edipo Re: a journey through the history and local flavors of the Venetian Lagoon

The sailboat Edipo Re, previously owned by the famous painter Giuseppe Zigaina and a temporary residence for illustrious figures like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas, offers a unique experience that intertwines history, gastronomy, and culture within the enchanting Venice Lagoon.

Celebrating local culture and showcasing the region's treasures, this immersive experience is accompanied by an outstanding culinary offering curated by renowned chefs, featuring the use of high-quality local ingredients. The boat becomes a space for sharing, where guests can delve into culinary traditions, enhancing the social fabric of the lagoon. 

The experience aboard the Edipo Re is a dive into the authenticity of the Venice Lagoon, offering a variety of distinct itineraries that allow travelers to discover, respect, and fully immerse themselves in the territory aboard a historic vessel.

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On the gastronomic routes aboard the TrEno through vineyards and traditions of Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero

Journeying through the wine landscapes of Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero becomes a unique adventure aboard the TrEno - merging both the historic railway story and the most exquisite flavors of Piedmont.

Onboard the captivating Centoporte carriages of the Italian Railways, dating back to the golden era of railways (from the 1920s to the 1980s), 78 fortunate passengers immerse themselves in exclusive UNESCO-protected panoramas. Vastly beautiful vineyards, historic villages, and centuries-old traditions pass by the windows, offering a timeless experience.

Along the train route, there are opportunities to further explore the region, such as visiting the town of Canelli in Piedmont with its Underground Cathedrals and Castle, as well as indulging in local food and wine experiences. 

The TrEno is a declaration of love to the finest wines and gastronomic products of the region. A journey blending nostalgia and modernity—a genuine experience merging railway history with culinary excellence, making the voyage a celebration of landscape beauty and authentic taste.

© TrEno Storico Langhe, Monferrato and Roero