Major attractions

See the major cultural and natural events taking place in the Bel Paese in the next months

Here are some of the greatest cultural and natural events taking place in Italy over the next three months:

100° Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2023 (June to September) - Veneto
An extraordinary festival to celebrate the 100th Opera Season at the Arena di Verona. In this historic amphitheater the most successful titles will be presented, along with performances from previous editions: 50 unique performances in less than three months!

Sunflower Season (June to August) - Tuscany
Tuscany is one of the few areas in Italy where sunflowers are cultivated. These vast fields can be found in the countryside of Val d'Orcia, Valdichiana, and Crete Senesi. Every year, between June and August, thousands of young sunflower plants create a stunning visual spectacl

Lotus flowers on the Mincio River (July and August) - Lombardy
The blooming of lotus flowers, a characteristic of Lake Superiore in Mantua, takes place in the months of July and August. It is an extraordinary sight and the largest of its kind outside of Japan.

Perseid Meteor Shower 2023 (August 10th to 13th) - Italy
During these nights the Perseid meteor shower, also known as the Tears of St. Lawrence, will occur. It is the most famous meteor shower of the year, for which many cities offer activities for observation and in-depth study. What will your wish be beneath the starry sky?

Palio di Siena (August 16th) - Siena
The Palio is one of the most famous events in Italy, carrying the magic of an ancient tradition. With remote origins and regulations still in place since 1633, every year the Contrade of the city representing the ancient medieval districts compete in a passionate horse race in the renowned Piazza del Campo.

The Sounds of the Dolomites 2023 (August 23rd to October 1st) - Trentino
In the Dolomites of Trentino, a grand festival of music  that combines the passion for music and the mountains, for art and the environment. Internationally renowned musicians and artists perform outdoors near mountain huts, alpine pastures, and enchanting locations along the trails.

The Night of the Taranta 2023 (26th August) - Puglia
The largest Italian festival and one of the most significant popular culture events in Europe takes place in Salento. It is dedicated to the rediscovery and celebration of traditional Salento music, the pizzica, a unique fusion of world music, rock, jazz and symphonic music.

Cheese (September 15th to September 18th) - Bra (Piedmont)
For lovers of fromage, Cheese is an international fair held in Bra, Piedmont. The event was created in 1997 through the collaboration between the Slow Food association founded by Carlo Petrini and the municipality of Bra.

Festival Verdi 2023, Parma (September 16th to October 16th) - Emilia-Romagna
The Verdi Festival, in Parma and Busseto, is considered one of the most important opera events in Italy and the world! Offering memorable and authentic experiences, the festival brings together music lovers and enthusiasts in the birthplace of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.

Barcolana 2023 (September 29th to October 8th) - Trieste
The spartan beauty of one of the most famous regattas in the world, a celebration of the sea where beginners and experts participate. Events, performances, music, and social events will color the entire city of Trieste.

Leandro Erlich, Palazzo Reale (April 22nd to October 4th) - Milan
With nearly one million visitors in Tokyo and 500,000 in Buenos Aires, Leandro Erlich, the Argentine artist, brings his spectacular works to Italy for his first major exhibition in Europe. Erlich's artworks represent a novelty in the art world as they combine creativity, vision, emotion, and fun, elements that have contributed to his international success.

Biennale Architettura (May 20th to November 26th) - Venice
The 18th International Architecture Exhibition, titled "The Laboratory of the Future" and curated by Lesley Lokko, will take place at the Venice Biennale. The main theme will be Africa, serving as a starting point to look at the rest of the world.