Tourism Impacts the Environment: Bring Advantages Local Communities

Support locals directly

Embrace cultural differences, learn new skills and encourage the preservation of culture, heritage sites and nature.

Slow Food:

Biodiversity and Local Production

Learn about the history and goals of Slow Food when you meet a representative who explains the organization’s concept and its promotion of fair food practices. Hand-crafted products, regional traditions and gastronomic pleasure take center stage.

Volunteering in Italy

Helping people contributes to strengthening communities and connects us to others, to build a happier society. Spend a day volunteering for a local charity and change someone's life.

FAI: The National Trust of Italy

Support this nonprofit foundation that promotes and safeguards the beauty of Italy and its hidden treasures. Discover the historical, artistic and environmental heritage it seeks to protect. 

Let’s create together a tailor-made journey experience

Share your expectations and desires with us for your dream trip.

Italyscape is a Benefit Company

Since January 2023 Italyscape has acquired the status of Benefit Company and is currently working to obtain the B-Corp certification.