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Enjoy Italy together

Learn and discover Italian art and culture in a fun and immersive way, together with your friends and family.

A Day in the Pool

Surrounded by idyllic landscapes, spend a day with a dedicated expert guide reliving the genuine, almost forgotten hobbies inspired by the Olympic Games – tug of war, bag race, diving, and the handkerchief game, just to name a few. Family fun in Italy.

Fresco like Michelangelo

Fresco is a centuries-old painting technique where mineral pigments are applied to freshly laid, wet plaster and left to dry. Take part in one of our expert-led tutorials and let your creativity run wild!

Going, Going… Gondola!

Gondolas have ruled the canals of Venice for hundreds of years. They’re a symbol of the city and still play a key role in public transport. Visit a Venetian workshop where gondolas are built and preserved and learn the secrets of this iconic, ancient Italian tradition. Spend a day with one of the local gondolieri to learn how to row one.

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