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Want to learn about history and cuisine?

Explore Italy’s famed gastronomic treasures

 Stroll through the charming streets, meet the tastemakers and binge on local delicacies!

Buongiorno, Mariangela!

Head to a traditional farmhouse in Puglia, where organic mozzarella and other cheeses are made fresh daily. Matron Mariangela delights visitors with tales from the days of yore while you rub elbows with cheesemakers doing their thing. Top it all off with a scrumptious lunch featuring local delicacies and wine.

Today’s Lesson: The Perfect Negroni

Visit Casa Martini, home to 150 years of aperitivo history. Find out how the fascinating story of Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi leads all the way to the perfect Negroni and the art of blending their iconic vermouth. Your Martini Ambassador clues you in on the secrets of this and other Martini-inspired concoctions in a hands-on, belly-up tutorial!

Enter the kitchens of acclaimed chefs

Time-tested tradition meets today’s innovation at restaurants captained by renowned chefs. Venture behind the scenes of these food laboratories where masters share their secrets when it comes to reinterpreting traditional Italian regional cuisine and wine pairing. A fun-filled, enlightening culinary pilgrimage.

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